Posted by Jeff Zirkle on Jul 13, 2018 under

Make sure you check out our a new addition to the pickup line. The new Jazzmaster pickup can be made in several different configurations and are the most versatile pickup around. In addition to the standard single coil winds available, a full size p-90 pickup, and humbucker can easily fit under the cover. This unparalleled Leo Fender design makes the Jazzmaster guitar such a unique performer in the solid body guitar world. We look to offer a loaded pickguard in the future with these different pickup combinations; this will allow the player to substitute the different pickup combinations into their guitar with less effort. We know every player gets tired of the same old sound and looks to change it up from time to time. If you love your Jazzmaster guitar, why not have the option to change your tone and still enjoy the playability and comfort of your cherished guitar.  Contact us for further information or to discuss a custom pickup option.