1. How do I setup my Heartland Tone Pickups?


General Instructions for Heartland Tone Pickups 

We use three types of lead wires:

  • 22 AWG unshielded single conductor wire is tinned and stranded, with a white Celanese wrap and waxed braided cotton outer insulation
  • 22 AWG single conductor shielded wire has a tinned stranded conductor, white Celanese and black waxed cotton insulation, and a tinned braided copper shield.
  • 28 AWG tinned conductor tinned copper insulated and color coded conductors with a Foil shield and tinned copper ground wire encased in a PVC outer insulation


Cloth Covered Wire: the center conductor is exposed by pushing back the outer cloth insulation. The “White” lead is hot, while the ”Black” lead is the ground. The “Yellow” lead is hot and indicates a Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity Pickup.

Shielded Cable: Unbraid the outside shield by separating the braid a few strands at a time starting at the cut end and working in a straight line down one side of the cable. Expose 1/2"–3/4" of the inside center lead insulation then twist the peeled back braid into one lead. This new lead created from the twisted braid is connected to the system ground. The insulated center conductors’ insulation can be pushed back and is the hot lead.

Four Conductor Shielded Cable:  Using a quality wire stripper remove approximately 2” of the outer PVC jacket and foil shield exposing the four conductors and ground. Remove 1/16” of the insulation from the individual color coded conductors and solder to the appropriate potentiometer lug. Solder the ground conductor to the system ground.

Pickup Adjustment: For best results Fender style pickups or pickups with non-adjustable poles should be located approximately 1/8" below the strings. Gibson style pickups or pickups with the adjustable poles are positioned as close to the fretted strings as possible. The above instructions are just a guideline for a place to start with your adjustment.  The pickup can be either lowered or raised from these positions according to personal preference. Remember this adjustment can have a significant effect on the overall performance and tone of your pickups. The magnetic profile and electrical characteristics of the transducer depend on the optimal positioning of the pickup height in relation to the strings.